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Truecount e-voting system

What is Truecount e-voting system?
Truecount e-voting system is an Electronic Voting System, which is an electronic and blockchain-based highway voting system that not only instantly gets the election results but is also safe, trustworthy and has many advantages.


Kaigi is a secure and comfortable online meeting, video conference and sharing presentation material presented by idNSA and Cloudtech. Kaigi is equipped with features that facilitate communication and equal perception in meetings. Meeting anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.
Kaigi is dedicated especially to the people of Indonesia as an alternative online meeting that has existed so far.


What is vex?
Vex is a vulnerability assessment (VA) tool for web-based applications. Vex is the number 1 VA application in Japan. With a web-based service that is very easy and quickly understood by users.


ctPoS is a system used to conduct retail sales transactions, such as restaurants and café. Generally, a PoS system consists of a computer, cash storage, receipt printers, and barcode scanners. EDC (Electric Data Capture / Payment Card Read) device is optional, depending on whether the client wants to use EDC as a transaction device or not.


ICSY (I Can See You) is an SIEM (System Information and Event Management) application. It is an application system that helps to monitor network traffic and provides real-time analysis of logs generated by applications or security devices.


Skyzone is a new way to protect your privacy life and secure your connection.


Damang is a secure & private messaging app. We believe a good & friendly manner is the best way to start anything. A chat messenger, built with all the benefit from other popular messenger.

Stamp It

Have you ever received a hoax message?

Nowadays a lot of news or hoax messages that often we received, either antecedent forward or reply sent directly from people who claim to our friends.

If the message well maybe not matter, what if the message turned out to deceive, make much less provoke uneasy!


The variety of smartphone users shows that there are also various needs of a cloud backup service. People value different thing on their smartphone more than other things.

A huge storage of cloud backup is not the answer anymore. They need a more intelligent and manageable service for their most valuable things on their smartphone.


Are you… :

  1. Companies, schools, universities, governments, anybody who value their data as important assets?
  2. In need to connect multiple networks securely?
  3. Want to connect your secure network from anywhere even outside your office?
  4. Want to deploy those network environment in a reasonable price?

Then Amigram is your answer.

ALog ConVerter

ALog ConVerter is software to collect, analyze, and convert complex logs in a target server become user-friendly format logs by anyone in need for reporting.

The benefits of using ALog ConVerter:
* Simple
* User Friendly log data
* Reasonable price

Cloudtech Services

Cloudtech Media Promotion

We provide the best solutions for your design needs. We are present by giving new ideas and new concepts to represent your profile. Contact us immediately and consult your needs, we are ready to help you.
All information and promotions can be displayed in multimedia formats in the form of videos and animations and supported by devices such as television, projectors, internet and so on. Even now it has been used as an animated video at various events such as weddings, inaugurations and so on.
Corporate identity is an important requirement so that your company and brand are increasingly recognized by many people. It is fitting for an attractive design and of course to reflect your company. We combine our creativity with your needs to create a design for logos, business cards, letterhead, envelopes and more.
We design magazines, newsletters and newspapers for print or digital media to look attractive and informative and can improve communication and satisfaction between you and the readers.
We are ready to capture your important moments through our professional photo and videography services. Including the design of photo albums and making videos of your moments to look beautiful and attractive.
You need brochures, banners or something like that to promote your product or service. We can design it with an attractive appearance to be able to attract prospective buyers to you.
We use our innovation, creativity and experience to create creative and attractive product packaging designs. Because we know your customer satisfaction starts from there.